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MINNEAPOLIS - In this high-tech world we now live in, more and more people are turning to the internet to get their music, but you don't have to empty your wallet to fill your iPod. 

For expert advice about how to build a music collection with thousands of songs, without paying thousands, KARE 11 turns to college kids.

"I downloaded a free a track today, like single of the week," smiled University of Minnesota student, Corey Cavegn.

The same place where most people now buy songs, iTunes.com also regularly offers free songs.

"I do it, I have a bunch of songs here on my ipod for free," said Andrew Newcomb.

Free tracks can also be found at Amazon.com.
While the website offers obscure rock and pop music songs, there are also dozens of children's songs.  All you have to do is preview the tune and if you like it, download the mp3.

A couple of websites that are not free, but offer a ton of music for a small fee are Rhapsody and Spotify.

For $5 a month you can have access to thousands of songs at rhapsody.com, including new releases from the latest artists.

Spotify is similar, while on a desktop computer it's free, it will cost you if you use a laptop or other mobile device.  Spotify.com is like an iTunes without the download where millions of songs are at your fingertips.

"There's one called earmilk," said Zachary Miller.

Earmilk.com is full of remixes, hip hop and indie artists.  The website is full of bands who just want to get their music out.

A website that offers songs for pennies on the dollar is mp3obsession.com.  For example, an entire Adelle album can now be purchased for $.55.

The internet is full of additional websites.  As for free and cheap music on the web, it's just like anything else, be wary and research the website to make sure it's reputable.

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