Healthier holiday options when treats come around

12:50 PM, Dec 17, 2012   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The holiday season means extra treats at parties and out with friends and family. Sometimes that means your health eating habits go by the wayside - but not so fast.

Fitness expert Chris Freytag has some tips on how to still enjoy yourself during the holidays, without adding the extra calories.


1. Put your appetizers on a plate - this way you get the full scope of what you are eating
2. Identify healthy alternatives to your holiday favorites
3. Select real, fresh foods
One example.. fresh cranberries are full of good things. Canned stuff has a lot of sugar
4. More fruits and veggies


Choices matter
1cup of egg nog = 370 calories
1 cup peppermint hot chocolate = 380 calories
1 cosmopolitan = 200 calories

Better alternatives:
5 oz red or white wine = 120 calories
5 oz champagne = 120 calories
Regular beer = 150 calories
Light beer = 100 calories

And while you're out and about doing your last holiday shopping, do so at the Mall of America. The mall is as prime place for some serious power walking, and hit the stores. You can visit the mall's website to see how far it is around the mall.

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