Motivation Monday: Edit your eating

12:12 PM, Feb 11, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - It sometimes is your reasoning behind that extra run through the McDonald's drive-thru, or the second scoop of ice cream..."I'll just work out extra hard later."
But when it comes to diet, can you really just train away your bad eating habits.

Fitness expert Chris Freytag says, sorry, but no.

  • Know the Domino: In addition to knowing your "domino" food(s), recognizing why over-eating happens can help you wield more control over unhealthy choices. As I mentioned, processed carbs are addictive - that's strike one against them.
    Strike two? If you're truly hungry, a plateful of sugary, low-grain crackers is unlikely to satisfy your hunger. You'll be back in the kitchen in no time, asking, "What's next?" This type of over-eating can add up to a lot of empty calories in your day.
  • Go After Your Hunger: To remedy the above situation, I suggest planning a meal or snack that takes care of your hunger the first time around.
    What's surprising to some people is that I eat a lot of fat grams during the day. Take the other day when I was in Starbucks. I was at the counter reading the nutrition label on a container of yogurt. A man next to me was doing the same, but he mentioned he was looking at number of fat grams. Me? I was more interested in calories and sugar content.
    Fat grams are less of a concern, as long they are good-quality fats. This is where editing your eating comes into play.
  • E.D.I.T Your Editing - For long-lasting clean eating take the letters that spell e.d.i.t. and switch them around so you're looking at the word e.d.i.t. Much better! Diets that restrict all kinds of foods don't typically work, but it's hard to go wrong with editing how you snack and manage meals.
    One eating "edit" is to mix healthy carbs (not the processed kind) with good-quality protein/fat. I have had great luck with eating more fat and reducing my cravings. Healthy fats, such as MUFA's (mono-unsaturated fats) are actually helpful in preventing chronic disease and reducing belly fat. Healthy fats don't make you "fat", they make you satisfied. For example: spread avocado on whole-grain bread; dip veggies in homemade hummus or my spicy peanut dip; or stir fresh fruit and nuts into full-fat Greek yogurt.

You'll find that once you make it a practice to eat food combinations such as this, you'll be able to stave off the munchies most of the time. Goodbye, domino effect.


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