Joe Kapp welcomes Peyton Manning to 7-touchdown club

10:51 AM, Sep 7, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Football fans spent Friday talking about Peyton Manning's performance Thursday night. The Denver Bronco quarterback became the 6th player in NFL history to throw seven touchdowns in one game.

For long-time Vikings fans, the historic night brings to mind a former Viking, Joe Kapp. The tough gunslinger threw seven touchdowns against the Colts in 1969 and before Thursday night, the last player to achieve the feat. 

"There was no thought of any kind of record," he says. "It happened because we got the blocking on offense, we got some catching, and we had a good defense."

Kapp watched as Peyton inched closer to the record, ultimately tying it.

"I was thinking 'he's gonna do,'" said Kapp. "Tying was inevitable, but I was hoping he'd do it. How terrific would that be?"

Following the Thursday night game, Manning called Kapp "the great Canadian quarterback from Cal. He also kicked the crap out of a guy on YouTube."

Manning was referencing an incident in 2011 when Kapp and on-field rival Angelo Tosca got into a scuffle. It was captured on video and it was an incident Kapp regrets.

Still, he's humbled by his name resurfacing as one of today's greats enters an exclusive quarterback club.

"If I was going to get a big head, I would've done that a long time ago," he chuckles.

Kapp jokingly mentioned he was playing with a broken wrist when he threw his seven touchdowns.

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