Some MN businesses in desperate need of snow

10:24 PM, Dec 4, 2012   |    comments
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LAKEVILLE, Minn. - There are a couple of shots of measurable snow coming our way and a lot of people are really hoping it adds up to something.

The sign says open at Valley Lawn & Sport in Lakeville, but customers aren't exactly lined up to buy new or service old snow blowers. And that means bad business for owner Ed Veits.

He says, "Six inches would be great, just anything we can get that people have to get out in the driveway and clear the snowfall and deal with what they got at the end of the driveway when the plow came by."

After last year's "winter that never was" and no snow on the ground yet again so far this year, Veits is desperate for a winter that more closely resembles the 86-plus inches we had in 2010.

"About the only thing that kept us going last year was ice auger repair for the ice fishermen," he notes.

So far this year, the shop has sold only a handful of snow blowers.

Snow equipment sales are just one of the industries relying on snow this year, Explore Minnesota says that while the state's tourism industry can survive as a whole without big snowfalls, individual businesses are another story and some cannot survive even one or two dry seasons.

To put things in perspective, we've only seen plow-able snow before this week twice in the previous ten years, so the action isn't exactly late just yet. This weekend, especially Friday night, we do have a chance for some shovel-able, or plow-able snow accumulations.

















































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