Dave Kettering

10:08 AM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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"Sharing your time and talent brings many-fold returns."

Dave Kettering and Sasha are an inseparable pair. They got into pet therapy at the encouragement of a trainer who thought Sasha would be a good candidate. Five years later this duo has become a fixture at local children's hospitals and hospice centers throughout the metro area.

Dave and Sasha spend 15+ hours each week dividing their time between Region's Hospital, Children's Hospital - St. Paul, Gillette Specialty Care, United Hospital and Hospice of the Lakes; and that's just their regularly scheduled visits. They are also available whenever someone calls or disaster strikes.

A hospital is a scary place for a child, but Dave and Sasha bring smiles to their faces and comfort their parents. They have created relationships that outlast hospital stays and even make house calls. Together Dave & Sasha are a calming, peaceful influence on the patients and families they visit.

Dedicated Charities:
Regions Hospital Foundation & The Foundation of Children's Hospital and Clinics

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