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"The meaning of life is to discover your gifts. The purpose of life is to figure out how to give them back to the world."

Most people know Randall McDaniel best for the work he did on the field with the Minnesota Vikings. However, to many students in Robbinsdale, Mr. McDaniel is a different kind of role model. Together with his wife Marianne, the McDaniels are committed to getting students active in their community.

The McDaniels believe that volunteering is something that everyone should do regardless of age or opportunity. It is for this reason that they started Team McDaniel in 2005. Team McDaniel, based out of Sandburg Middle School in Robbinsdale, provides the opportunity for students to help their community by participating in a variety of service projects each month.

Randall and Marianne strongly believe that it is their responsibility to use the opportunities they've been blessed with to make a positive impact on today's youth. They enjoy watching the students grow in confidence and ability as they volunteer.

Designated Charity:
Seven Dreams Foundation - Team McDaniel

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