Michelle Morey

10:14 AM, Jan 14, 2013   |    comments
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"I believe in doing what you say you're going to do."

Michelle Morey knows first hand how difficult it is to ask for help or accept it when it's offered. She knows because she is a breast cancer survivor. Having to accept help during treatment did not come easy for Michelle until she realized that she would be able to pay it forward.

Michelle was inspired by Jean Pupkes, a clinical nurse specialist at North Memorial Hospital. Together they came up with the idea for the Pay It Forward Fund, a fund that would provide financial assistance to women undergoing cancer treatment and struggling financially. The initial plan was to keep it small with only monthly donations from Michelle and her husband. That plan changed after the first grant was awarded.

That first donation went to a woman who had lost her job and wasn't able to pay her water bill; without water she wasn't able to keep her children. So this first opportunity to pay it forward not only turned the water back on, but kept a family together. After hearing of the donation's impact Michelle decided it was time to fundraise, and the Pay It Forward Fund has been growing ever since.

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Pay It Forward Fund

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