Donate Unwanted Items

4:28 PM, Mar 5, 2013   |    comments
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Waste generated by businesses can be reduced through the socially and environmentally responsible act of donation. Many social service organizations in the Twin Cities metro area are in continuous need of food, clothing, household items, and office goods. By donating your overstocked inventory and gently used office equipment and supplies, you can:

• Obtain a receipt for tax deductions

• Help advance a worthy cause

• Save valuable natural resources

The Great Green Challenge this week encourages businesses to clean out supply rooms and work spaces. Look for unwanted materials that can be donated, such as office supplies, obsolete letterhead or other paper materials, and computers.

You'll save money on disposals costs and keep usable materials out of the trash. For locations that businesses can donate to, visit the Rethink Recycling Donations Opportunities page.

When it's time for you to acquire new office furniture or equipment, consider buying or accepting someone else's gently used items.

And finally, your employees and co-workers may be interested in taking unwanted items for home use. Be sure to check office policies first.

Visit to learn more about going green at work. Then we encourage you to take the pledge to start or improve recycling at your workplace or business. Be a champion, take the pledge, and join the Recycling Revolution today!

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