Mounds View senior Kathryn Tillman uses time, talents to her advantage and the benefit of others

8:30 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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Kathryn Tillman
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  • ARDEN HILLS, Minn. - Dance team member and track team thrower -- on first thought the two don't seem to go together. But when you ponder the combination further you begin to realize that the two can go hand in hand.

    "I actually found out that throwing has a lot in common with dance," says Mounds View senior Kathryn Tillman. "The same kind of movements, so it's actually helped me a lot in throwing, because, from dance I have good balance and coordination, which really applies to throwing."

    Leave it to Kat Tillman to come to that conclusion. Kat keeps a schedule that's so busy it demands that she schedules her day to the point where she has to even schedule her free time.

    "I have to schedule it actually," says Kat. "It's kind of funny because when I want to hang out with friends I have to schedule it a few weeks in advance just because my schedule is so busy."

    Just part of that schedule has Kat president and historian of the Mounds View band, all-conference honor band and a 3-year member of the school orchestra. She's also a member of both the performance and kick and jazz dance teams and a captain of the latter.

    Says Kat, "I feel like my high school experience has been better by doing all these things because I get to meet so many types of different people and so many different experiences and it's just made high school so much more memorable for me."

    All conference and a state meet participant as a thrower in track, Kat even helped design the lift on the robot for the school's robotics team.

    Says Kat, "Me and my partner Katie designed a lifter for the robot and they went with our design and they're using it now, so."

    Mounds View's Triple-A award winner, Kat manages all these extracurricular activities while holding down a part-time job helping developmentally challenged children and young adults.

    "It's really hard because a lot of the college applications have really limited space for your activities, so I've actually had to email them and say I'm also in more so, it's really tough but I hope it also gets me recognized for my hard work and everything in high school."

    Kat, who would like to continue to dance in college, plans to study either engineering or pre-med depending on where she decides to go. But don't plan on her slowing down, not when being so busy has helped make her into an Academic All-Star.

    "Participating in all these things has just made me more of a well-rounded person", says Kat. "Yes', I know I should have focused on academics a little more and done a little less extra-curricular but, I really love the whole experience so I wouldn't change anything about it."

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