Jeopardy winner from Maple Grove gets quizzed again

9:31 PM, Mar 16, 2013   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS - From the Hollywood stages of Jeopardy, to back home in Minneapolis, Drew Horwood is doing just fine in front of the cameras.

At the ripe old age of 23, Drew has landed in the upper echelon of Jeopardy winners.

Only four others won as many matches as he at eight in a row but his landing a spot as a contestant was pre-ordained.

"Both of my grandmothers were huge Jeopardy fans and I think they saw me in front of the TV at four or five yelling out answers," Drew said Friday with a grin.

Those grandmothers are gone today but they would be proud of the Maple Grove native who will take nearly 140-thousand dollars in winnings home with him, and, who will head back to Jeopardy later this year for the Tournament of Champions.

Until Friday Drew wasn't allowed to tell people if he won or lost. He taped the shows back in October of last year.

So how did he prep for it, other than watching it since he was a kid?

"Reading just a lot of Wikipedia, clicking on everything," Horwood said.

His strengths he said lie in almost all subjects, but not opera.

His dream category?

"I really wish I had gotten video games simply because of the age gap, but I didn't get it."

It didn't seem to matter as when Drew did better than just fine on the show.

When asked if it humbled him he already knew what to say.

"If there was a crown they gave out to nerds, I might have earned it after this."

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