Great Green Challenge, Week 7: Composting!

9:51 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - The latest addition to the KARE 11 family, just in time for week 7 of the Great Green Challenge, is a compost bin!

The compost bin was assembled in about a half an hour.

Recycling Specialist Andre Xiong gave us all a lesson in what can and cannot end up in our compost bin.

Goes in the compost:

  1. Vegetable and fruit scraps, rinds and peels
  2. Coffee grounds, filters and tea bags
  3. Egg shells
  4. Nut shells
  5. Plant trimmings, Grass and leaves

Does not go in the compost:

  1. dairy products
  2. Meat or bones
  3. Gravies or sauces
  4. Branches and wood chunks

If your business contracts a hauler to come and take your compost to an offsite commercial compost, a lot more can be added including meat, dairy and even paper napkins and cups!

Regardless of which way a workplace chooses to compost, going green with lunch leftovers helps reduce trash and greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, there is free compost to use!

Visit or to learn more about the different ways of composting at your workplace.

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