St. Cloud tech senior carries family name proudly

8:17 AM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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ST. CLOUD -- When you're tall and you have an athletic build it's not always easy to blend in with the crowd. And, while St. Cloud Tech senior Andrew Eisenreich certainly fits that mold, and he has no interest in blending in. Rather, Andrew says, his peers actually inspire him to stand out.

"There's definitely a sense of competition", says Andrew. "But, at the same time we all want each other to do better and that's what's helped me to keep excelling in any area, be it sports or speech or school. But yeah, it's definitely a big factor in how well we do."

And, Andrew Eisenreich does pretty well. A letter winner in baseball and all-conference in soccer, Andrew's Tech's Triple-A award winner, while also volunteering weekly at an area hospital.

"I head there every Wednesday, after school when I don't have sports", says Andrew. "So, this whole winter season I've been there and it's definitely getting familiar with that environment and what it would be like to potentially work in a hospital someday. Plus, we're helping people and it's just a blast."

A National Merit Scholar who scored a 35 on his ACT, Andrew ranks in the top 10 of his class of more than 300, with an unweighted GPA of 3.976. A member of the math team, link crew, National Honor Society and a peer tutor, Andrew is a 3-year letterman and 2-time captain for Tech's speech team.

"Every Saturday we get on a bus and head out at like 5am in the morning", says Andrew. We get on a bus and head down to the cities and compete all Saturday long. So, I give up every single Saturday I have and then pretty much all week long, it's not mandatory practices but I'm there at least four days a week so, it's definitely a big commitment."

But, when your uncle played for the Twins and your dad is the principal at the cross town high school, Andrew knows people are always watching.

"You know, that's always kind of another thing I have to keep in mind just with everything because if I do anything wrong at this school or you know, anywhere, my dad is on the phone right away and it's right there", says Andrew. So, it's right there and it's kind of funny."

While Andrew is still trying to determine where he'll go to school next year, he says no matter what the expectations of others may be, he is always his toughest critic, and that his parents support has been crucial to his success.

"It probably started with my parents but as time goes on, especially in high school, definitely self-motivated more than anything. I will always be my biggest critic when it comes to any area, sports, speech, school, definitely, definitely self-motivated."

And, not the least bit interested in blending in with the crowd.

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