Great Green Challenge, Week 8: Buying green products

6:36 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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GOLDEN VALEY, Minn. - Buying green products is a big part of going green, and when it comes to businesses, it's even more important.

In week 8 of the Going Green Challenge, we took stock of KARE 11's supplies starting in the newsroom supply closet.

The room is filled with a number of recycled products, like a notepads made from 50 percent recycled paper. There were even recycled paper clips.

The paper in KARE 11's printers is made from 30 percent post-consumer waste.

While it isn't glamorous to go snooping in the bathroom, it was worth it, because we found that the toilet paper is made from 100 percent recycled material.

Compounds in cleaning products also end up in our waters and our landfills, in addition to being harmful to humans.

In the KARE 11 cleaning supplies closet, there was glass cleaner with a green seal of approval, but the bathroom cleaner did not have the same rating.

To help you evaluate the products at your workplace visit or Scope out what you have in the closet and join us in the great green challenge!

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