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1:57 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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You may not have noticed, but your business started going "green" when purchasing managers ditched the huge paper catalogs they used to order supplies and began ordering online. Another way your business can go green is to buy green products.

Green products
Ask vendors and suppliers what type of green products they provide. Some easy examples include these:

In the office:

  • Recycled-content paper and envelopes
  • Remanufactured ink cartridges

In the restroom:

  • Recycled-content bathroom tissue and paper towels

In the custodian's closet:

  • Less toxic cleaning supplies

On the loading dock:

  • Reusable shipping containers and pallets

More on paper
Businesses tear through copy paper at an estimated annual rate of 10,000 sheets for each office employee, according to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Making copies is expensive when you add up the cost of paper, maintaining printers and copiers, mailing correspondence, storing records and handling office paper. The most cost-effective waste management strategy is reduction. Learn more here. If you just can't get away from using paper or reducing your use, be sure to recycle.

Green cleaning
Traditional cleaning chemicals can pose a threat to workers' health and could end up in lakes, streams and landfills. By using non-toxic, environmentally preferable, "green" cleaning products, facilities can avoid these problems. Learn more here.

Your company may be wasting money by discarding one-time or limited-use pallets and boxes after every trip. Make the switch to reusable containers (totes, boxes and bins), reusable pallets and pallet pooling systems (pallet rental). You can even use bio-degradable packing peanuts. Learn more here.

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