Street artists drawn to Minneapolis to create mural

8:49 AM, Oct 19, 2013   |    comments
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Artists painting mural

MINNEAPOLIS -- Some of the most gifted street artists in the world have been drawn to a blank warehouse wall, where they're crafting a series of murals.

The reviews are already arriving, delivered by those driving up and down North 2nd Street in an industrial zone north of downtown Minneapolis.

"It's been great. We get a lot of honking!" Los Angeles street artist Angelina Christina told KARE Friday night, as she took a break from spaying on her canvas of corrugated steel siding.

"I love street art because you can share it with everyone. There are no boundaries, when it comes to who can enjoy it."

She's collaborating with London-based artist Fin Dac on a series of projects across the U.S.  This particular piece depicts two modern women linked by a large boa constrictor snake.

"I like to leave it up to the viewer to find their own meaning because everybody seems to, and I like that."

The local studio, Premises Mpls, offered up its wall, and is supplying the paint and equipment needed for the project. The artists are donating their time and travel expenses.

"Basically what happens with street art is, if you get a wall to paint - someone gives you a wall to paint legally - you sort of weigh up the costs and you figure out if it's worth you doing it," Fin Dac told KARE.

"Most of the time for me, it is worth doing."

Fin Dac said he started painting six years ago to get his mind off some of the problems he was experiencing, and he hoped to take the art to a higher level than what he found in London at the time.

"So many artists are stuck at home in their studios on their own most of the time, and it can be a very lonely kind of life," he said.

"When you're doing this kind of art you're getting out, you're meeting people. It's an instant reaction kind of thing."

And the reaction so far has been positive.

Denny DuMoulin, a roofing and siding contractor, pulled over Friday evening to snap some photos of the work in progress.

"When I drove past this time I just about had to hit my brakes!" DuMoulin exclaimed.

"I was just thinking this is just amazing, these people are so talented.  I like this. I think this city needs more of this!"

Erin Sayer, the Minneapolis muralist who founded Premises Mpls, said she was thrilled to have such talented street artist fit Minneapolis into their itinerary. She said they have projects scheduled in Miami and Brazil in the coming months.

The women and their serpent will stand in strong contrast to the whimsical mural of an elephant and a bird recently painted on another part of the wall by Seattle artist Ryan Henry Ward.

But, given the friendly nature of street art, it's a safe bet the images will all be able to live in harmony on North Second in Minneapolis.

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