Thrifty Thursday brings out bargain hunters

6:23 PM, Aug 25, 2005   |    comments
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Traditionally the first day of the Minnesota State Fair is the least crowded, so Fair organizers have turned Thursday into bargain day, in hopes of enticing more people to visit the opening day of the great Minnesota Get-Together. If it's true, then the 'best' things in life are free. At the Minnesota State Fair, you can find a few things for free, if you look hard enough, especially on this Thrifty Thursday. "Free phone call. Anyone in the U.S." The deals, drawings and giveaways guide, available at all information booths, lists everything from free merchandise to things that cost a buck or less. Sheila Robinson is hoping Thrifty Thursday saves her some money, "We have a family and where ever we can save a buck or two, we try." Robinson isn't the only one who's thrifty, apparently so is the person she's shopping for. "You know when your ketchup bottle is getting empty, and you get the new bottle out. My father-in-law spends hours combining the two. We're going to save him some time." "I let her be the bargain hunter," says Sheila's husband John, who admits he just goes where she leads. So, what happens if these bargain hunters have a really good day? What do they do if they get too much stuff? Well, the ones in the know head to the University of St. Thomas booth in the education building where they give out canvas carrying bags. "We do have a daily allocation, so we're going to run out today. Got to get them while they're hot," says a young woman passing out the highly coveted bags. And if you look long enough, you'll even find some food bargains. Gino Navarro is always on the look out for a good deal, "I work here. I gotta look for bargains." For Gino, the bowl of spaghetti with a piece of bread for just 99 cents, is just the kind of deal he's looking for. Not everything at the fair is "cheap". Here's what you can expect to pay on any given day. The price of admission, for an adult, is $9. When it comes to food, take your pick of belly busting delights. A Pronto Pup costs $3. A bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies will set you back $12 and a bucket of fries costs about a third of that.

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