Sex Show causing controversy in Minneapolis

11:30 PM, Nov 12, 2005   |    comments
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It's described as a "high class" adult trade show showcasing sex, romance, and self-improvement. That show will be taking over the publicly-funded Minneapolis Convention Center next weekend. The Sex and So Much More Show" is raising some eyebrows and generating a bit of controversy. "All you see is the word Sex," say Jim Rinsem as he looks up at the huge billboard in downtown Minneapolis. "It's kind of a laughing matter at work too, people are talking about it," adds Rinsem. The trade show has been popular in Canada for years, drawing an average of 50,000 people each weekend. So, now, organizers are trying it out in the U.S. market and they picked Minneapolis as the guinea pig. "Obviously if you lived in Vegas you see it all the time, if you lived in Hollywood, if you live in New York, but Minneapolis it's almost, it's time for it," says the show's marketing director Kari Calder. The show's Web site lays out what show-goers can expect, everything from seminars on relationships, to "demonstrations," to the hottest trends in the sex industry. But organizers insist, it will be tasteful, no nudity. "I had someone ask me are there going to be live sex shows... I said no we're not in Amsterdam, it's a far cry from anything like that," laughs Calder. But it's not just the content that's raising eyebrows. Some are questioning whether the Minneapolis Convention Center, a publicly financed facility, should be hosting a show of this nature. The Convention Center, and the city of Minneapolis, refused to comment about the show on camera, but did issue this statement, "not every event held at the convention center is to everyone's taste; however, as a public venue, it cannot discriminate against individuals or organizations based on our own personal preferences." And it'll be those personal preferences that ultimately determine if the all this attention will translate into ticket sales. Eight-five percent of the show's exhibitors will be from local businesses. The show runs from November 17 to 20. By Amy Hockert, KARE 11 News

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