Meth found at Wright County day care center

7:27 AM, Apr 15, 2007   |    comments
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You've seen stories of drug arrests near day care centers. This time, the arrests were inside one. Wright County sheriff’s deputies with a search warrant, arrived at the home day care facility in St. Michael about 8:45 Friday morning. Two children had already been dropped off for the day. Their parents were summoned to pick them up. Deputies says their search of the home turned up about an ounce of methamphetamine. The 36-year-old brother of the daycare operator was arrested for felony possession. His 43-year-old sister, the daycare operator, was arrested for possession of meth paraphernalia, which deputies say, was accessible to children, making that a felony too. Jenelle Black, a part-time employee at the day care, was startled by the news. “I don’t think she would do anything like that.” Black said the owner's brother moved in after his release from prison. A records search shows he has at least two previous drug convictions. “I was kind of scared of him myself a little bit.” Black said the owner ran a good day care -- usually caring for about eight children -- plus three of her own. State records show the home day care was licensed for up to 12 children. “I've never seen drugs in the house in my entire life,” said Black. A Wright county investigator said the amount of meth recovered at the day care is consistent with drug dealing. He says the arrest is connected with a broader ongoing investigation involving large amounts of meth. Charges are expected against the day care owner and her brother on Monday. The owner's husband answered the door Friday afternoon. He blamed his brother-in-law for bringing in meth to the house, but chose not to comment further.

By Boyd Huppert, KARE 11 News

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