Homeowner loses roof in renovation

1:52 PM, Jun 11, 2007   |    comments
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A Minneapolis man lost the roof of his home Sunday, but it didn't go too far. It is sitting five yards from where it started. A location unfortunately occupied by the next door neighbor's house. It was a surreal scene at 46th and Wentworth Sunday afternoon as crowds gathered — looking up in disbelief — summoned from blocks away by big bang of the roof moving. Nobody was injured in the crash, but a cat was taken to a vet. There were six people inside the house that lost its top — nobody at home at the house that received the roof. While the exact cause of the moving roof isn't known. Some witnesses say they had suspected the roof could go because of a remodeling project. "A lot of people saw it coming because what they were going to do was actually cut the roof off of their house, raise the roof, build a story underneath, and then set the roof back down on top of it," neighbor Houston Lawrence said. Neighbors say the top of the house was about eight feet above the ceiling of the lower level. Two supporting walls on the North and South side of the home were in place for the new second floor, the roof portion was apparently shored up a few inches above the tops of those walls. Was it the wind that knocked the roof 15 feet to the left? Did a support beam give way? The city building inspector who came out to the site wasn't sure, but he did say that he'd never seen anything like this. The homeowner had secured permits for the project — the remodel was planned by an architect. "Thank God no one got hurt. He (the homeowner) had an angel on his side today. It was just a freak accident," neighbor Brian Larson said.

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