Man slashed by propeller knows he's lucky

6:50 PM, Jun 12, 2007   |    comments
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A 21-year-old Minneapolis man is recovering at HCMC after getting slashed by the prop of a boat on Lake Susan in Chanhassen Monday. According to Chris Johnson, he and a friend had just dropped off an inner tube when his sister pulled up with the boat. "She came by going a little too fast and so she threw it into reverse. Then she put it into neutral, so we swam up to the boat, but it wasn't in neutral and I felt it sucking me in." The propeller blade cut his swimsuit and then it cut his leg. The blade actually embedded in his right thigh and twisted his swimsuit into a sort of tourniquet. "The doctors said I probably could have died if that wasn't the case," said Johnson. He said he started screaming for his sister to call 911. He said the pain in his leg was pretty intense. Chanhassen firefighters arrived and decided to pull the boat and the Johnson to shallow water before freeing him from the grip of the propeller. Chanhassen Assistant Fire Chief Roger Smallbeck says the man suffered a deep cut to his right thigh, but should consider himself lucky. "If he had been trapped in a different postion where they could not have gotten his head out of the water," said Smallbeck, "this would be a very unfortunate situation."

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