Edina girl survives horrific pool accident

1:09 PM, Jul 5, 2007   |    comments
Abbey Taylor
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Abigail Taylor is what doctors call a medical miracle. The six-year-old is sitting up, talking and fully aware that she nearly died last Friday in a horrific pool accident at the Minneapolis Golf Club's Kiddie Pool. Abigail sat on the drain at the bottom of the pool and doctors say her bottom created suction on the drain. They say the strength of the suction from the drain pulled part of her small intestines out of her rear end. Her mom says Abbey somehow pulled herself off the drain and out of the pool before collapsing into the deep end of the regular pool. "It's a medical miracle that she survived," Abigail's father Scott Taylor said. The little girl was rushed to Children's Hospital in Minneapolis. Doctors operated for several hours before addressing the family. "I immediately fell to me knees, my initial reaction was she hadn't survived," Taylor said. But Abigail did survive, though her life will never be the same. "She'll basically be on an I.V. That's how she'll receive all of her nutrition based on the fact that her small intestines are gone. She can't process food," Taylor said. Abigail is scheduled to undergo surgery on Friday to have a port implanted through which she'll be fed. Taylor is talking to reporters to make sure other parents and pool owners are aware of the dangers lurking at the bottom of pools. Taylor's lawyer says a missing drain cover may be what caused this incomprehensible accident. The manager of the Minneapolis Golf Club says he wasn't aware of any problems with the pool. "Whatever happens from this point forward, the fact that she's still with us is amazing. I don't know any other way to say that," Taylor concluded. Abbey will remain in the hospital for at least a couple of weeks.

By Scott Seroka, KARE 11 News

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