Minneapolis council rejects circus ban

5:43 PM, Sep 21, 2007   |    comments
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The Minneapolis City Council has decided against banning wild animal circuses from the city. During Friday's city council meeting, members decided to put more regulations and supervision on the circuses and will send the topic back to committee for further study before anything will change. Once the committee drafts new legislation, the city council will consider increased regulations, but for now, nothing changes. "Regulations don't work. The circuses are already in flagrant non-compliance of USDA animal welfare act so proposing to put teethless regulations at the city level is ineffective," says Christine Coughlin with the group Circus Reform Yes. "We're glad to see that council members opted for a more- even-handed approach to look at it further," says Timothy Davison with the Minneapolis Shrine Committee. Animal-rights activists object to what they consider inhumane treatment of tigers, lions and elephants. Circus organizers say their animals are not abused. (Related Minneapolis debates animal circus ban, by Scott Goldberg.) If the ban had been approved, Minneapolis would have become the second major U.S. city after Albuquerque, New Mexico, to adopt such a measure. The Minneapolis Shrine Circus is scheduled to perform at Target Center next month, but the proposed ban wouldn't have taken effect until after this year's circus.

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