Timber who? fans introduced to a new generation of Minnesota Timberwolves

4:09 PM, Nov 5, 2007   |    comments
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If ever a team needed introduction, it just might be the 2007-2008 Minnesota Timberwolves. KARE 11 conducted a highly unscientific poll and found none of our interviewees could name even one of the Timberwolves players. "Well I did know Kevin Garnett, but he's gone," said Myra Curry, in an answer that resembled at least half a dozen other responses. But what the team lacks in notoriety, officials say it makes up in dedication to a new era. "We're doing something that is different in the NBA, we're talking about being a team," said Timberwolves President, Chris Wright. "Because we don't know if we have one or more superstars on the team, but what we do know is we have 15 guys who want to help each other be great." Still, this team realizes it is also playing under a seven-foot shadow. "When you have someone like Kevin Garnett who's been an institution, we have our work cut out for us," said Ted Johnson, the team's Chief Marketing Officer. Given the challenges of a "new era," as the team likes to call it, players have been out in the community. Team officials say they've already participated in dozen of events with the hope that the community will eventually learn their names and want to see them play a little basketball. "We're very confident once they see these guys play, they'll fall in love with them," Johnson said.

By Karla Hult, KARE 11 News

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