Yeah sure you betcha there's 'More to Life' in Minnesota

9:04 AM, Jan 23, 2008   |    comments
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In the land of skyways, below zero wind chills and hotdish, sometimes what really attracts people to the Twin Cities can be a little blurry. "We're on a lot of first lists, a lot of lists of top ten in fact it can even get a little embarrassing sometimes." Embarrassment aside, as part of a multi-million dollar ad campaign, Minneapolis-Saint Paul have banded forces to focus on the strengths of the two cities. "Around here we get both quality and quantity of life," said one of the advertisements that will run both on television and radio. Over the next several months you'll see more commercials and more advertising signage about 'More to Life' in Minneapolis-Saint Paul. "We're still going to have carved heads in butter, because that's part of who we are, but this is one of the only communities in the world where you can get from your ice shack or hunting stand to a show at the Guthrie or at the Science Museum," said St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman. The point of the campaign is to give a more realistic picture of the metro area that goes beyond the myths of Minnesota. Like the state is a land best known for flying over or that there's nothing to do here or that it's not unusual for snow to fall in August. "It's the most sophisticated urban environment, the most wonderful natural environment, and you can access it all in one city and that's what it means more to life," said Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. City leaders hope the campaign keeps young professionals here as well as attract more to the area, along with anybody else who may take interest. "Bring people to the region, expand our economy simply by telling our story," added Coleman "Minneapolis-Saint Paul more to life," the advertisement ends. For more information about the campaign CLICK HERE.

By Jeffrey DeMars, KARE 11 News

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