EarthKARE: Eco-friendly tree houses

10:38 AM, Feb 22, 2008   |    comments
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What looks like something you'd park on the moon is actually designed to perch in a tree. "It's kind of like a big triangular spherical puzzle," tree house builder Dustin Feider said. "I really started thinking about what's the ultimate tree house. One that's beneficial for the tree house and the tree," Dustin said. Dustin came up witha a geodesic structure that's suspended in--not to-- a tree. "All the cables loop around crotches of the branches," Dustin said. Dustin said nothing goes into the tree itself. No nails, no bolts; nothing goes in the tree. And nothing goes in the garbage either. "All the materials used are sustainable or recycled," Dustin said. Everything including the white triangular panels made of old plastic bottles. "And all the downward facing triangles actually open up as windows," Dustin said as he demonstrated how the windows open. Those windows, Dustin's finding out, are a hit with tree house fans of all ages. "Kids play with it during the day, and then adults go in it at night for wine or a BBQ or to do yoga," Dustin said. It's another new way to be at one with nature, without harming it. The tree houses are priced at $20,000. That total includes installation. Read more about Dustin's tree houses from his website See Dustin's tree house this weekend at the Home & Patio Show in River Centre in St. Paul. It's located at the ticket booth area at the Kellogg entrance. Read more about the Home & Patio Show

By Jeff Olsen, KARE OnLIVE

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