Suspect who threw woman into traffic may never be caught

8:32 PM, Mar 1, 2008   |    comments
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Scott County investigators aren't confident they will ever catch the man accused of throwing a woman into oncoming traffic on Highway 169 on Monday. "It's going to be very difficult unless another witness comes forward," Captain Greg Muelken said Friday when talking about Monday's incident with Jennifer Boulden of Prior Lake. She was involved in a road rage situation Monday that began as an everyday kind of whoops. Boulden was heading south on Highway 169 Monday afternoon and missed her turn. So, she says she went into a legal turnaround lane and made a U-turn. "By the time I turned around I was going less than five miles an hour," Boulden said. A truck coming North on 169 was going at least 55 miles an hour and that driver was a little more than annoyed with Boulden's slow rate of speed right after she turned into his lane of traffic. "He honked, I swerved. I was in the left lane and went to the right lane to pull over and at that point he was right on my tail," Boulden said. Embarrassed, and apologetic Boulden says she pulled over, as did the other driver. She said she wanted to apologize and that he didn't want to hear her out. "He just flew out of his vehicle and left his door open and ran up to my vehicle swearing at me," Boulden claims. She said she let him berate her and then she got out of her car and followed him back to his truck to try and talk some more but he kept swearing and she said that is when she threatened to call the police on her cell phone. She said he then took her phone and threw it onto the highway, and then, went after her. "The next thing I know he's picking me up and I'm just flying in the air landing in the middle of 169," Boulden said. She claims she was able to roll out of oncoming traffic and that good Samaritans began to stop and help. She said the man who threw her then ran to his truck and drove away. The problem, Capt. Muelken said, is that Boulden and witnesses aren't able to give a description of the man or his vehicle that gives his deputies anything to work with. He says the only solid information he has is that the man was driving a truck that likely had a camper shell. No one was able to get a license plate. Muelken also said that Boulden's story, compared with that of some witnesses, has holes in it and the only person who could fill those in would be the suspect himself, or, someone the suspect has told his side of the story to. "At this point we just need to talk to him to get his side of the incident." If you have any information, you are asked to call the Scott County Sheriff's Department at (952)-445-1411.

By Jana Shortal, KARE 11 News

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