So drunk he couldn't stand up: DWI charges again against Malik Sealy's killer

3:56 AM, Apr 2, 2008   |    comments
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He was so drunk he couldn't stand up. The repeat drunk driver who got out of jail after killing former Timberwolf Malik Sealy in a drunk driving crash, is facing new charges. "Obviously the offender's not getting it, he's not understanding how serious this is," Diane Homa said. Homa is the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Victim Advocate who worked with the Sealy's after the basketball player was killed. "I remember looking at Malik Junior and thinking he is without his daddy now," she said. Authorities say Souksangouane Phengsene was so intoxicated when cops pulled him over on March 30 that he couldn't stand up. A trooper pulled him over on Sunday for going 64 miles an hour on the 55 mile an hour stretch of northbound 35W near 36th street. The driver pulled off the freeway, and stopped at two traffic lights, each time lingering when the light turned green, then squealing tires as he left the intersection. Criminal charges say Phengsene's blood alcohol level was .189, more than twice the legal limit. When the trooper pulled him over, authorities say Phengsene laid down in his pickup and crawled into the passenger side. When he opened the passenger door, he fell to the ground. He was wearing socks, but no shoes. The 51 year-old Phengsene is the same man who killed Timberwolves player Malik Sealy in a wrong way alcohol-related crash on Highway 100 nearly eight years ago. That was 6 blocks from Jon Cummings Saint Louis Park home. Cummings is the founder of Minnesotans for Safe Driving and lost his own son to a drunk driver. "It just brings it all back, all of that pain and suffering," says Cummings. "Obviously being involved in a criminal vehicular operation where a life was taken, we would hope that he would start to learn, but obviously this hasn't been the case with this individual," says Lt. Mark Peterson with the Minnesota State Patrol. Phengsene served prison time for Malik Sealy's death. When he got out, he was stopped again for drunk driving in 2006. For that, Phengsene served just a year in the workhouse because technically, it was his first felony DWI conviction in Minnesota. In the Sealy case, Phengsene was convicted only of criminal vehicular homicide, not felony DWI, so he got a break in sentencing. While he knows, not every drunk driver will serve prison time, Jon Cummings says it may be the only way to keep repeat drunk drivers like Phengsene from driving again. "If he gets 5, 6, 7 years, me and you and everybody else out there is just a little bit safer, just a little bit. Maybe you're the one that won't get that knock on your door at 5 in the morning, you know. That's what this is all about," says Cummings. Phengsene was also convicted of drunk driving in Iowa in 1997.

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