Bodies of two brothers discovered near Hudson

7:10 PM, May 28, 2008   |    comments
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Investigators in Saint Croix County are looking for clues in the deaths of two brothers found together their apartment outside of Hudson. Sheriff Dennis Hillstead said the bodies of Gregory Knoll, 44, and his brother Jeffrey, 41, were found Tuesday night in an apartment in the village of Burkhardt, about four miles northeast of Hudson. "The landlord had not had contact with the two individuals that lived in the apartment," Hillstead told KARE 11 Wednesday, "So he went there." "When he did not receive a response he entered the apartment and found the two deceased." The Knoll brothers' bodies were sent to the Ramsey County medical examiner for autopsies, according to Hillstead. Initial signs are that they'd died five to seven days earlier. With two victims found in two different rooms, the Burkhardt case leaves many questions unanswered. But the sheriff said investigators found no obvious signs of trauma or violence. "I think it's safe to say there is no danger to the general public in that area tonight." Neighbors said Gregory Knoll moved into the building, an older converted general store, about eight months ago. "He kept himself pretty closed off from the world except for a couple of friends that showed up there once in awhile," Roy Huston told reporters, "If you asked him any personal questions he wouldn't say anything." Huston, who has lived in the building since 2004 said Gregory Knoll seemed "pretty down" to him, but he was still shocked to hear Gregory was dead. "A week ago I offered to talk things over with him," Huston recalled, "But he didn't want to get into anything like that." "He knew my name. He kept saying he thought we went to high school together in Hudson," Huston said, "But I told him I'm from Stillwater and I'm at least 10 years older." The coroner will attempt to determine both the cause of death, or what killed them, and the manner of death, or how they died.

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