Man Survives Blast That Flattened Home

9:44 AM, Mar 30, 2005   |    comments
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A man apparently escaped with injuries after an explosion flattened his mobile home in Lake Elmo, Minnesota. The Washington County Sheriff's Department confirmed that a trailer exploded around 6:30 p.m. Monday, though it provided no further information. Neighbors said the man survived. Cimarron Park residents made more than 50 calls to the 911 dispatcher. The Cardenas family two doors away was watching women's basketball on television when the explosion shook their mobile home, knocking porcelain dolls off walls. Charles Cardenas ran outside to see the mobile home demolished. "We didn't know if a car hit us or what," he said. "I ran outside and I just saw the trailer lying flat." Neighbors said more than 100 park residents streamed to the site as debris rained from the sky. Minutes later, flames that reached 20 feet in the air consumed what was left of the mobile home, neighbors said.

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