Careless burglar leaves cell phone behind at crime scene

5:04 PM, Oct 6, 2009   |    comments
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HASTINGS, Minn. -- Hastings police say Jordan Waleski's first mistake was leaving his cell phone at a home he is accused of burglarizing.

According to the criminal complaint, officers were called a home in Hastings on Sept. 25th after the homeowner heard noses coming from the upstairs area of his house.

The homeowner said he went to check on the noise and found a man holding his wife's jewelry box and a Wii gaming system.  The burglar dropped everything he was carrying and fled the scene.

The homeowner followed the man, later identified as 18-year old Jordan Waleski, for a short time, but then returned to the house to call 911.

As the police talked to the homeowner, a cell phone began to ring. The homeowner said the phone did not belong to anyone in the house. After determining who owned the phone, investigators made contact with Waleski.

Waleski eventually admitted his part in the burglary. The 18-year-old Hastings man is charged with burglary in the first degree. 

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