Record crowd takes the plunge into Lake Minnetonka

11:39 AM, Jan 2, 2010   |    comments
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EXCELSIOR, Minn -- More than a thousand people jumped into Lake Minnetonka for the 20th annual Ice Dive, which is a Minnesota tradition.

"It's the initial plunge that's the awesome part," a participant said. 

What better way to jump start the new year with doing something jaw dropping, considering it was a zero degree morning.

A new record was set with more than 1,000 jumpers, roughly 100 more than last year.

"It's cold, I'm not a cold guy, that water is cold and it's -12 degrees out here or something," another participant said. 

"This is only my second time, but I like that rush jumping in, I know that sounds crazy," a jumper said, as he waited for his turn.

Participants ranged from first-timers hailing from Toga, Ethiophia, to foreign exchange students.
It was so cold, water started freezing on skin.  While some were running to safety, others found the nearby sauna with a wood burning stove inside.

Regardless, people couldn't care less how cold it was, if they did, traditions like the Ice Dive wouldn't even exist.

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