Cheers and jeers for Karl Rove in Minnesota

9:38 PM, Apr 22, 2010   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- Just across the way from the free Earth Day concert on the University of Minnesota campus was another free event that also attracted somewhat of a rock star following, Karl Rove was in town.

Rove is arguably the most loved or hated republican political operative in decades.

Once dubbed Bush's brain, and the architect of the 8-year-presidency of his good friend, and now former president, George W. Bush, landed in a chemistry classroom today addressing fans and the university's Young Republicans organization.

He spoke for an hour, but only allowed news cameras to film him speaking for five minutes saying he wanted the focus to be on the students' questions for him, not the media.

As Rove got going in Smith Hall, the protest outside kept on going.

"Karl Rove is a criminal and the architect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq," a U of M student yelled.

And three times during Rove's time inside he was interrupted by protests.

Rove joked about it later in an interview.

"Some stood up and did this rap ditty that had a nice beat and not nice lyrics," Rove said.

Rove joked off his foes, and reveled in his fans.

And took time to praise a man he thinks would make a good candidate for president.

"Tim Pawlenty has an interesting profile for President and will be a great candidate should he decide to run," Rove said of the Minnesota Governor.

National politics again right here in Minnesota.

Filled with all the love and hate the two parties always seem to provide.

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