Tangled goose gains attention at Lake Harriet

12:30 PM, Jul 26, 2010   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- A Minneapolis woman is on a mission to save the life of a Canada goose tangled in fishing line on Lake Harriet. She hopes her efforts teach anglers a larger lesson about leaving fishing line and other plastics in the water. 

Tina Long first noticed the goose a couple weeks ago while snapping pictures of the lake for her blog.

"The hardest part has been seeing this beautiful scenery every morning and then seeing the suffering of an innocent creature," she said.

The goose, which her family has named "Daisy," has what appears to be fishing line wrapped around its right leg. The goose moves around slowly in the water and hobbles when it's on land.

Animal rehab experts have told Long that the goose could die if it does not get help.  But rescuing Daisy has not been easy.  Long and her relatives have made numerous phone calls to local and state agencies trying to find someone who can capture the goose.

A conservation officer with the Department of Natural Resources recently tried to corral the goose, but did not succeed, Long said.  Other volunteers have made similar efforts, but Daisy will not let anyone get close.

Long's blog now focuses on Daisy's story and is gaining attention.  She hopes someone has the time and resources to capture Daisy.  A couple of animal rehabilitation centers have offered to treat the goose, if it's captured.

She also hopes this reminds anglers to not leave their fishing line in the water.

"You may be hurting other wildlife if you're not careful," Long said.

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is aware of Long's efforts.  The board said it cannot help capture Daisy because moving Canada geese, even for rehab purposes, requires a federal permit, said Dawn Sommers, board spokeswoman.  The board does not have a permit or the staff to do that kind of work.

The Park Board appreciates Long's efforts to rescue Daisy, Sommers said, and hopes this incident reminds anglers of all ages to properly dispose of fishing line and other plastics that can injure wildlife.

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