Ham Lake dad saves son's life on soccer field

3:59 PM, Oct 8, 2010   |    comments
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Tucker Manske

ANDOVER, Minn. -- Tucker Manske was just your average 12-year-old kid playing soccer for his Andover middle school team last week, when, everything went wrong.

"The ball was over there or something and I was walking across the field and I just collapsed," Tucker said Thursday.

Tucker went into full cardiac arrest on that soccer field, the first to run to his rescue, was his father.

"When I realized it was my son I just started sprinting down the field," Todd Manske said.

After a minute or so of CPR Todd yelled for someone to go get the AED out of the school, the portable defibrillator device.

Todd said he never had used one before but he had to because he said, he hadn't been able to find a heartbeat on his son for almost two minutes.

"We shocked him once, did CPR and then had to shock him a second time and that is when it started to sink in that my son was in cardiac arrest," Todd said.

After that second shock Tucker's heartbeat came back to a slow pace, he was taken by ambulance to Mercy Hospital and then airlifted to Minneapolis Childrens' Hospital.

Today, Todd Mankse was able to recall what happened last week to his son and say with a degree of certainty if that AED machine wasn't there his son wouldn't be here now.

"He was brought back to life, really," Todd said.


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