Obama visiting Minnesota Saturday to rally for Dayton

2:26 PM, Oct 22, 2010   |    comments
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President Barack Obama

MINNEAPOLIS --  With just over a week to go the Democrats in this state are looking back to a time two years ago when a Junior U.S. Senator fired up the country on the road to the White House.

On Saturday, President Barack Obama will be in town to headline a rally for DFL Candidate for Governor, Mark Dayton.

"If President Obama can come here and get a win with Dayton he can say I still have the coattails effect," Hamline University professor and political analyst David Schultz said Thursday.

Come this weekend the President will come back to Minnesota, a place he was well received on his run for the Presidency, and ask you all to vote Dayton for Governor on Nov. 2.

And Schultz says that is good news for Dayton.

"It helps Dayton, no question about it," Schultz said.

But why?

Well, politicos say calling in the biggest player in the party not only makes a case for the Democratic Party here in Minnesota but nationally.

"He is picking and choosing and going into areas where he thinks he has the biggest advantage for democrats and the biggest advantage for himself," Schultz said of Obama choosing Minnesota as the only Midwestern state to campaign in the final week before election day.

Over the last several weeks big political guns have come to fire here for both parties, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney for the Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer and now President Obama is coming this weekend for Dayton just two weeks after his Vice President came for the same guy.

Obama's visit can't really be matched by the Republicans as Obama is the top politician in this country but, his impending visit this weekend can also be seen as a feather in the Republican cap.

"What it might do is get the Republican base all hot and bothered and they will come out and say if we can knock off Dayton after Obama is here that also takes a jab at Obama," Schultz said.

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