Flying for the holidays? Get ready to pay up

12:38 PM, Nov 15, 2010   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- If you plan on flying around the holidays, and you haven't secured your ticket yet, airline industry analysts warn you; that seat on the plane won't be cheap.

Terry Trippler with says fares are up 25% when compared to this time last year. reports some airfares are 59% higher when compared to last Thanksgiving and 40% higher for many flights around Christmas.

"One of the new fees that they've snuck in is a fee for peak travel days," Bill McGee, a travel consultant for Conusmer Reports, explained. "Thanksgiving day is one of the lightest airline traffic days in the entire year. Christmas day as well," he added, while talking about where consumers can save some cash.

Recent numbers from confirm that sentiment. The website reports December 26th is the most expensive day to fly; the average round trip ticket will run close to $717. New Year's Eve is the cheapest day to fly, with an average round tripper running you about $440.

Cyrenia Woehnker decided flying around the holidays just wasn't in the cards. "It was outrageous, so we decided to come into town a couple weeks early. This is our holiday trip," she declared as she waited to fly out of MSP back to Tampa Bay on November 14th.

Woenker guesses she saved at least 200 bucks per ticket, and she was flying with 3 other family members. "Everything just keeps going up, up and up. But I booked it a couple weeks early and it made it just easier on us financially," she said before heading through security lines.

Around this time of year, the easier, the better.

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