Victim speaks online about sexual assault at Powderhorn Park

7:20 PM, Nov 30, 2010   |    comments
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  • Teen charged in Powerderhorn Park robberies, sexual assaults
  • Victim speaks about rape at Powderhorn Park

MINNEAPOLIS --  A park is a place of refuge.

A place where guards are let down and are overridden by a feeling only of good.

Powderhorn Park likely held those kinds of feelings for a 45-year-old Minneapolis woman and her two children last Wednesday night, until those very feelings were turned inside out.

That woman was cross country skiing in the park on the before Thanksgiving with her 10 and 13-year-old children, according to police, when she was sexually assaulted at gunpoint, in front of her kids, by four teenage boys.

Those boys, ages 14 to 16, are accused of rape, aggravated robbery and false imprisonment. They allegedly attacked two other young girls after the woman in the Park.

In the face of such horror, the 45-year-old woman whose identity is unknown did something small, but largely, incredible.

She wrote on an online community web forum about what happened.

"I have so much gratitude for the friends and neighbors who supported us with such care and love after the incident," the woman wrote addressing all of those who have come to her family's side in this event.

She also wrote candidly about the alleged attackers.

"The whole time I made a conscious choice to see the boys as human beings, not to see them as evil or bad. I see those boys as hurting, scared children who didn't get the kind of nurture love and care that they needed," and added, "I try to hold them now in compassion."

On Wednesday night, Dec. 1, a vigil will be held in Powderhorn Park at the corder of 32nd St. E. and 14th Ave. S.

The victim, in her web posting, encouraged all to come.

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