Emmer concedes from gov. race in front of dozens of supporters

7:42 PM, Dec 8, 2010   |    comments
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DELANO, Minn. -- On a chilly Wednesday morning in Delano, Tom Emmer walked out his front door with a smile on his face. He was trailing his wife and children; there were dozens of reporters and cameras there to greet them.

"Minnesotans made their choice by however thin a margin and we respect that choice. It will not be an election contest and I will not be involved," Emmer said a half an hour after calling his opponent to concede the Governor's race.

"At this point I'm satisfied that we've gone through the process as the law requires and it's time to stand up and say we need to move on," he added as he also addressed dozens of friends.

"You know, we haven't seen him in months," neighbor Bob Silhacek said standing in Emmer's driveway after the news conference. "I'm proud that he was able to get this far because when he started, he started from... he was not a well known person so its kind of nice to see where he's been," Silhacek added.

Emmer talked about the campaign trail and thanked his family for all their support over the 17 month run at the state's top office. 

"We came within 87-hundred votes of accomplishing something that not a lot of people though we could do and we did it the right way. I can always look at my kids and say no matter what people tell you about doing that, if you just stay up here, you can always look yourself in the mirror and know you did the right thing and you handled it with class and integrity."

Minnesota Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton said he supported Emmer's decision to concede.

"It's a difficult day because I think Tom Emmer would have been a great Governor. It was never about trying to delay a Governor being sworn in despite what the people on the left might have thought. It was really just trying to make sure the votes were counted," he explained from his office at party headquarters in St. Paul.

Emmer told reporters he didn't have any immediate plans and told them he would miss them at the same time.

"There will be a standing invitation to you and anybody else, come on over during the winter, we'll be out back skating, I've got a rink to work on," he said.

Emmer did not rule out the possibility of another run for office; He would only make one guarantee.

"I can guarantee one thing folks, there's not a mosquito flying anywhere in the state of Minnesota today," he joked.

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