Huge snow fort 'on sale' in Stillwater

8:27 PM, Dec 26, 2010   |    comments
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STILLWATER, Minn. -- A new holiday tradition may have formed for a Stillwater family involving a snow fort.

Stephen Shealy corralled family members this Christmas and built a huge fort featuring two entrances, caverns, and a narrow tunnel. Shealy's brother-in-law used a John Deere tractor to plow the massive amount of snow into a mound.

"This will probably be around until May," Shealy said. "We'll see, we'll see what happens."

Shealy lives in Georgia and has never built a snow fort and finally wanted to do so. He assembled a team, including his engineer brother who helped design the plan.

"We wanted to make parallel rooms," Adam Flink said.

"I'm the shovel and he's the brains," Shealy added.

The Flink's are hosting a three night sleepover while family members are certainly staying busy when not eating food and opening presents.

"It's a wonderful time. When we get tired of each other we come out here and dig snow," said one relative.

Shealy joked that the snow fort is on sale. He placed a Weichert Realtors sign on the fort's front doorstep. Weichert is his Aunt and Uncle's business.

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