Kangaroos part of 'U' grads' exotic animal farm

11:35 AM, Dec 29, 2010   |    comments
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  • Kangaroos part of 'U' grads' exotic animal farm
  • Kangaroos part of 'U' grads' exotic animal farm
  • Kangaroos part of 'U' grads' exotic animal farm

RURAL ARLINGTON, Minn. -- Farming is a way of life for many Minnesotans.

On an Arlington farm, about 60 miles southwest of the Twin Cities, Agriculture is mixed with creativity.

"It's kind of neat to wake up every morning and wake up the kangaroos," Christian Lilienthal said. "Not too many places can you can start your own kangaroo ranch or emu farm."

Lilienthal is a 2009 University of Minnesota graduate with a degree in Agriculture Education. He's joined forces with his parents' family farm which spans 2,000 acres. Christian rents 300 acres for himself featuring exotic animals he's acquired with money he's saved.

"This is Rocky the Wallaby," Lilienthal said while holding the pet. "I've had him since he was six months old. He lived with me at college in my apartment."

The Kangaroo do just fine in the winter. Lilienthal has a space heater in their pen, for when the sun goes down.

Besides his wallaby, Lilienthal raises emu, peacocks, llamas, turkeys, ducks, chickens, cattle and pigeons. Several different animals were purchased from all across the United States.

"Most people haven't heard that there are over 800 breeds of pigeons," he said.

Lilienthal studied abroad in Australia for a couple years to learn even more about wallaby and other animals. He now meets state legal parameters for raising non-domestic animals at his farm. 


Lilienthal says he's had about 800 visitors in 2010, but encourages future visitors to schedule a time before arriving. Visit www.animaltalks.weebly.com, or e-mail Christian at christian.lilienthal@hotmail.com. There is a $2 per person fee.

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