Durst quadruplets to star in Lifetime TV series

11:27 AM, Jan 13, 2011   |    comments
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  • Durst quadruplets to star in Lifetime TV series
  • Durst quadruplets to star in Lifetime TV series
  • Durst quadruplets to star in Lifetime TV series

BUFFALO, Minn. -- When Naomi Durst had identical quadruplets in 1993, she says she was shocked, not only at having four newborns at once, but at the constant attention her daughters always got.

"No matter where we've gone, (whether it's to) restaurants, shopping, whatever the case may be, obviously people are going to look twice at the girls," Naomi said.

And now people are going to look a lot more, because the girls -- Calli, Kendra, Megan and Sarah -- are set to star in their own 8 episode reality show called "The Quad Squad" on Lifetime Television.

An 18-person tv crew has followed the girls since October, filming them doing everything from going to school and sports practices at Buffalo High School, to going out with friends and spending nights at home.

Tonight, they shot scenes of the Dursts playing games in the family's basement showing ordinary moments in an extraordinary family.

"I think people are really interested in the story behind our lives and how we manage things, how we go through things," Calli said.

The show will focus on the girls, but also include their 19-year-old brother, their Dad, and Naomi, who says she hesitated before agreeing to the show. The Dursts are being paid to do the program, but they also said yes because they felt it would show a true picture of a family with teenage multiples.

"The dialogue has been pretty much left up to us," Naomi said. "So it's pretty realistic; it's as realistic as I think you can be."

Even if raising quads -- and being one -- can sometimes feel surreal. The Dursts all agree their family is unique, and say they're prepared for the fame that may come with the show.

"We're still normal people," said Calli. "Whereas two months from now we're going to be 'The Quad Squad' to everybody else."

Another experience they'll have together, sharing their birthdays, their bathroom, and now the big time.

"We really don't have anything that's just ours," said Kendra.

"Except for our cell phones," Megan added. "Which are identical!"

The Durst family says they think the show will be a unique record of their last year living together before the girls graduate high school and move out.

If you'd like to watch "The Quad Squad" the first episode is set to air Feb. 9 on Lifetime, which is the night before the girls turn 18.

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