Lifetime show featuring Buffalo quadruplets debuts

4:43 PM, Mar 17, 2011   |    comments
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  • Lifetime show featured Buffalo quadruplets debuts
  • Lifetime show featured Buffalo quadruplets debuts

BUFFALO, Minn. -- It debuted on Lifetime Tuesday night, and on Wednesday, it certainly had people in Buffalo talking.

If the town of Buffalo thought they knew the Durst quadruplets, Lifetime's reality show "Four of a Kind" may be an eye opener.

"I thought it was crazy how they fought so much at home but then doing school you don't see it as much and it's just crazy I didn't know that they swore as much as they did too," said Hannah Euerle, a classmate of the quads.

Making it appear as if the show is unedited, the girls are much more crass than their peers and neighbors were prepared for.

"I was absolutely floored that any 17-year-old would talk to her mom that way," said Jone Richardson of Buffalo.

The town is part of every episode. In the two half hour shows that aired Tuesday night, the high school, the bowling alley and a nearby park were all spots that those who watched could relate to.

"To be able to as you're watching you see the park, Huikko's Bowling Center, I thought that was really cool cause we were right down the street from them," said Michelle Elliott of Buffalo. "When they showed the lights and everything it almost made it look like a big city that they we're showing so that was kind of fun."

A Lifetime film crew spent the better part of three months with the quadruplets. The family jumped at the opportunity after it was said a considerable amount of their colleges would be paid for.

Everybody that we talked with agreed that despite what could be at times questionable content, the show is good for Buffalo.


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