Wally 'The Beer Man' talks to Twins; plans in the works?

10:48 PM, Mar 28, 2011   |    comments
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  • "Wally the Beerman" talks to the Twins; plans in the works?
  • "Wally the Beerman" talks to the Twins; plans in the works?
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  • MINNEAPOLIS -- Where's Wally? The iconic beer vendor strolled into Target Field Monday to talk with the Twins about the upcoming season.

    It comes a week after he was vindicated by a jury; he was tagged for selling alcohol to a minor at Twins game last season. The 76 year old says he's not looking back, he's looking forward.

    So how did the meeting go? Wally, the man with the famously booming voice, didn't have much to say. He says he's working on something with the team but both parties aren't quite ready to say what. At least not yet.

    You may remember, sports fans from all over the Twin Cities rallied around the vending legend following his ticket. Wally has been a fixture at Minnesota sporting events for more than 4 decades. Heck, the guy even has his own trading cards that he autographs.

    After a bit of prodding, the beer man did say you will likely see and here him at Target Field this season. You'll just have to stay tuned for what's next. Keep your ears open, you'll more than likely hear the beer man bellow this baseball season.

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