Wild turkey crashes through man's windshield in Bloomington

1:24 PM, Apr 16, 2011   |    comments
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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. -- You'll forgive Dave Eaton if he doesn't feel like turkey this thanksgiving.

He's already had more than enough this spring.

"It felt like I got hit in the face with a brick," Eaton said. "My rearview mirror was in the backseat, there was glass everywhere, and feathers everywhere. It was pretty bad."

The Shakopee man was driving his 2003 Hyundai Elantra along I-494 near Bush Lake road Tuesday morning when a large wild turkey came crashing through his windshield. The turkeys wing scratched Eaton's face and eyes.

"I was caked with blood," Eaton said. "I never saw it coming. It was done when I saw what had happened."

Eaton somehow managed to pull safely off the freeway, looked over at the passenger seat and there sat the turkey.

"It was looking at me, then it went down and died in my front seat," Eaton recalled. 

The unlucky motorist called co-workers to take him to a local hospital where he was treated for facial lacerations.

Estimates put the damage to Eaton's vehicle at more than $2 thousand. Eaton bought another vehicle Friday afternoon. 

The Minnesota DNR says urban turkeys are common, unlike ten years ago. They actually thrive in the metro due to a good food source and absense of predators. It also helps that hunting turkeys in the metro is not allowed, while many communities upkeep their parks and open spaces.

With mating season upon us, the turkeys are dispersing from their flocks and some are ending up in places, like I-494.

Eaton said if the turkey crashed into him directly, he probably would've died.

"The next turkey I want to see is on Thanksgiving or in a sandwich bag, not in my car."

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