Cool in School: Online classes help with family balance

8:21 AM, May 5, 2011   |    comments
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  • Student finds success with online school
  • Student finds success with online school

BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. -- Luke Schneider doesn't worry about catching the bus, standing in long lines at lunch or passing time in the hallway of his high school.  No one disrupts his classes, either.

That's because Schneider takes his classes online, through Insight School of Minnesota

"Mainly what lead to my decision was looking for something different," said Schneider, who is a junior this year.  "This year I'm taking psychology classes, and I kind of want to take that and be a special ed teacher."

It's an area Schneider has some experience with. His two siblings have autism, and one of them was having anxiety issues at school at the same time Schneider decided he wanted to try an online high school.

The change allowed Schneider to be home with his sister.  Schneider's mother works full time during the day.  His father works a night shift and sleeps during the day.  With Luke at home, the Schneider family found balance.

"I didn't have to stay home, or my husband didn't have to be deprived of sleep and stay up all day," said Mary Schneider.

More importantly, Luke Schneider found challenging course work in an atmosphere that was more conducive to his learning style.

"You have to be very self-focused and self-motivated to get the work done, and not get behind," Schneider advised. 

Schneider is.  Next year, he will finish his senior year at Insight, and also take classes at North Hennepin Community College. "He'll get dual credit, high school and college credit," said Mary Schneider.

And for those who wonder about the social side of the school equation, Schneider finds plenty of ways to be involved.  He is a member of two clubs that meet online and in person.  The school also hosts a prom, parties and field trips so students can get to know each other.

It's all part of the school experience for Schneider, who doesn't see online school as that big of a deal.  "I think I have pretty much the same experience except for being online," said Schneider.



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