Basketball blues; NBA lockout continues to limp along

7:23 AM, Sep 19, 2011   |    comments
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MINNEAPOLIS -- University of St. Thomas Professor John Wendt looks at all the professional league labor disputes, and he says things aren't looking good for NBA fans.

Wendt, who teaches Sports Law, says the players and the league/owners are nowhere near a deal a month and a half before the season is supposed to start.

The NBA lockout has been going since July 1.

"They're very far apart. It's one of the situations where they stopped negotiations because they think any future negotiations could actually cause more problems than good," Wendt explained. "The owners say they have to have a hard salary cap and the players are saying no."

Wendt says there isn't as much pressure from the fans to get a deal done; at least not when compared to the NFL. He says a number of the hoops players are heading overseas for the upcoming season. Wendt figures if the NBA tips-off this season, it'll be an extremely abbreviated season.

"In the winter time it's our bread and butter," Hubert's Manager Jamie Paulson said. Hubert's opens out into the Target Center; the bar is less than 100 yards from the hoop. Paulson says she was looking forward to this season in particular. "There's been a lot of hype with Ricky Rubio coming, that this season was supposed to be starting our building process into getting a better team."

Hubert's did enjoy a pretty nice Sunday as the bar was busy with Vikings, Twins, and Lynx fans. Paulson hopes the league will get back on the court by January, but she doesn't like the looks of things right now either. "The back and forth, it's just, you want it to go one way and you see it going another," she concluded.

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