Rare coin found at Mankato store dates back to President Lincoln

1:33 PM, Feb 21, 2012   |    comments
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MANKATO, Minn. - On President's Day, a rare presidential "coin" collected a great deal of attention at Antique Warehouse in Mankato.

"Anything that walks in the door if people want to sell it, we'll look at it and buy," said store owner Christine Winter with her husband Rob by her side.

In a short three years the owners have amassed quite a collection. Everything from buckets of political buttons to an entire wall dedicated to political shirts. Think Jimmy Carter, McGovern for President and oh yes, Gary Hart.

It's typical for the Winters to buy buckets full of stuff.
Sellers look to earn a quick buck, the Winters pay and eventually look over the stuff in more detail at a later time and occasionally they find something that's relatively rare and unexpected.

"It's like the Pawn Stars, you never know what's going to walk through the door," said Christine.

Last fall, they found a presidential coin tucked away in the bottom of a box of costume jewelry. It's dated 1860 and on one side is the portrait of a beardless President Lincoln and on the other his vice president Hannibal Hamlin.

"When people actually can touch that kind of piece of history," said Rob Winter. "It just sends tingles up your spine, Abe Lincoln could have actually passed this thing out."

Like political buttons of today, the "coin" may have been used during Lincoln's campaign stops.

As for a value, the Winters said it could be worth anywhere from several hundred dollars to a couple thousand, depending on demand. For now, they plan to keep it and show it off to anyone that's interested.

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