Friends of teens killed in fatal crash warn of distracted driving

11:36 PM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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NEW RICHMOND, Wis. -- Friends say the teenagers who died in a crash on I-94 near Hudson last week were trying to catch the attention of a girl who was driving by. The Wisconsin State Patrol said they were searching for paper to write on when they rear ended a semi.

Josh Nelson was supposed to be in the car too, but he had to work. He later learned his friends Jordan Johnson and Joshua Goodrich died on the scene. Zach Zajec, who was driving, died on Monday. Tom Wanless is the lone survivor.

Friends say distracted driving was out of character for Zach.

"He'd say I'm going to wait for that text until I exit. I'm going to wait for this I'm going to wait for that. You guys can do whatever you need just don't distract me," Brodie Wilson, a good friend of Zach's said.

The accident proved anyone can become distracted. It was a tough lesson for these friends. Now each one of them promises to practice safety.

"I'm cautious about having too many people in my car because I just don't want to take the chance of me being distracted and something happening," friend Chase Ludowese said.

"I've been going under the speed limit. I've been wearing my seat belt every time. (It) made me realize that it's a big wake up call," Nelson said.

Zajec's funeral will be held Thursday.

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