Buffalo residents spared from paying for road

8:38 PM, Sep 25, 2012   |    comments
  • Wright County asks Buffalo homeowners to pay for road improvements.
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BUFFALO, Minn. - Don't blame a group of homeowners from a neighborhood in Buffalo if they're smiling today.

Saving thousands of dollars can do that to a person.

Wright County Commissioner Rose Thelen told KARE 11 that county board came to an agreement today that homeowners in the Grand Castle Estates should not have to pay for their own road.

That's a major change from August, when the county notified ten homeowners that they would have to foot the bill for the $150,000 project, an assessment of $15,000 per home.

Thelen says the property owner, Investment Lending LLC, will pay $100,000, and Wright County and Buffalo Township will split the remaining $44,000.

The troubles began when the neighborhood developer went under and had to declare bankruptcy as the economy crumbled. The road to their homes was only half finished, and as years and seasons passed it deteriorated to the point where the county wouldn't even plow it any more.

That prompted the proposed assessment on the neighborhood homeowners.

KARE 11 reporter Lindsey Seavert checked in Tuesday with homeowners she profiled in her original story about the situation. They are obviously happy with the agreement, and say the story helped advocate for them and put pressure on the county to do the right thing.

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